2. Homosexuality & Christianity | Beals-Saffold-Mayes Debate


A public debate on the morality question of Homosexuality was held April 8-9, 1994 on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. George Beals of the churches of Christ affirmed - The Bible teaches all homosexual behavior is immoral (sinful). Thom Saffold of the American Baptist Churches affirmed – The Bible condemns sexual acts between people of the same gender, but not what we in our age consider to be homosexuality. Fran Mayes of the American Baptist Churches affirmed - The Bible plus modern science plus the experience of the Christian community lead us to the conclusion that some gay and lesbian relationships are moral, and, therefore, should be affirmed. Introduction | Opening Comments – 4:23 | Beals Second Speech – 11:40 | Saffold Second Speech – 52:03 | Mayes Second Speech - 1:18:08

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