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Passage 14 | Bethlehem: Of Kings and Tyrants

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The town of Jesus’ birth and the burial site of King Herod are situated only 3 miles apart. The Herodium, with the remains of its grand palace and stately mausoleum, stands as a bleak reminder of an egocentric megalomaniac king who committed genocide. Bethlehem's beautifully adorned "Church of the Nativity" is dedicated to the birth of Christ, and it stands as a testament to the peaceful and loving ministry of a man who died that others might live. But does this venerated church building with its traditional birth grotto beneath its altar mark the actual place where Jesus was born? And what does the Herodium tell us about the king who tried in vain to kill the baby Jesus? Join us on this faith building journey across the historic and beautiful Judean Hills of Israel. See each of these sites through the lens of our camera crew, and walk virtually through the 3D digital models of these historic places. Bible Land Passages' documentary “Bethlehem: Of Kings and Tyrants” provides an exciting, modern perspective on these classic and well-known stories of the ancient past.

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