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Passage 13 | Caesarea by the Sea: Rome's Capital in Israel (Bible Class Version)

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"Caesarea by the Sea: Rome’s Capital in Israel" is an exciting documentary about the city and culture where Christianity faced the challenges of a pagan world, and where a Roman Centurion was baptized into Christ. Utilizing enhanced 3D digital models, Bible Land Passages will take you on a fantastic voyage into first-century Caesarea, where you will marvel at the construction of an artificial harbor and see numerous public buildings and facilities built by King Herod the Great. Dedicated to the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus, Caesarea Maritima boasted a large aqueduct, beautiful bathhouses and fountains, a theater, a hippodrome, and a luxurious palace with a freshwater swimming pool perched on the edge of the beautiful Mediterranean. It was an impressive and technologically advanced city, but even more memorable and more impressive are the stories of the Christian men and women in Caesarea who courageously served Jesus in the face of tremendous decadence and paganism. Join us on this faith-building journey to a city built some two-thousand years ago, and see how God used this powerful Roman city as a means of spreading the gospel all over the world.

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