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Passage 12 | The Tomb of Jesus (Bible Class Version)

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All four Gospel accounts speak of Jesus being led by the Jewish leaders to the presence of the governor, Pontius Pilate. Upon Pilate’s sentence, Jesus was led to Golgotha outside the walls of the city where He was crucified. When He passed away that Friday afternoon, friends took His body to be buried near where the execution occurred. Yet location of this burial site has been a topic of interest since antiquity. Passage 12: The Tomb of Jesus explores the most likely sites for Jesus’ burial, the Garden Tomb and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and provides an assessment for each as His possible burial places. Utilizing the details from the gospel narratives and the results of study into funerary practices in ancient Israel, this documentary highlights the rich imagery and history that has been associated with Jesus’ resting place. It concludes by reminding the viewer that even if the exact location were known, all one would find, then and now, is an empty tomb.

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