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Everyday Princess: Daughter of the King Program

This program is taught by and intended for women.
Wouldn't it be awesome to be a real princess...not just for a day or for a month, but for everyday...forever?! God invites us to be just that, and then gives us the perfect instruction manual for becoming His child and living like a courageous daughter of The King. The life of a genuine princess comes with great responsibility and fantastic reward! When we study the Word of God and apply it to our lives, we show the world what a child of God really can be. A daughter of The King lives her life doing what Jesus, the Son of God, would do. However, a true princess realizes that because she is the daughter of The King she will often be treated like His Son was treated. A daughter of God is secure in knowing that she was made in God’s image and that He is the first love in her life. There are very few things quite as stunning or as powerful as an Everyday Princess: Daughter of The King!

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