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The Ark | The Reality of Noah's Ark

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When you think about the reality of Noah’s Ark, you might have questions about its size, its construction, or its cargo. You have probably seen the cartoon-like Ark pictures showing a quaint little boat, a pudgy little man and a handful of animals packed in and even hanging over its sides. These caricature-style pictures are often shown to our kids in books and videos, but what was Noah’s Ark really like? Have you ever asked, “Did Noah and his sons really build the Ark? Did they really live on it with all those animals for months? Or, how about the BIG question, How large was the Ark? How long? How tall? How wide? Well on these questions, we don’t have to be left wondering. In the Bible, God gives very precise details to Noah, especially on the question of how large the Ark was to be.

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