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Public Discussion: Eternal Security of the Believer Program

Can a Christian lose his eternal salvation if he chooses to depart from the living God? Can a Christian fall from grace? What causes one to fall from grace? How do we know if we have fallen from grace? What does the Bible teach? On May 26-27, 2016, Michael Brawner, a Missionary Baptist Preacher, met for a public discussion of the eternal security of the believer ("once saved always saved") with B.J. Clarke, a member of the church of Christ. Michael Brawner affirmed "the Scriptures teach that those who have been born again cannot so far depart from the will of God as to be finally lost in Hell." B.J. Clarke affirmed "the Scriptures teach that one saved by the blood of Christ can thereafter fall from grace by departing from the living God, and thus be lost eternally."

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