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Has the Bible Been Corrupted? Program

Skeptics, atheists, and modernists have waged an aggressive war against the Bible for over a century. They have succeeded in undermining public confidence in the authenticity of the text of the Bible, eroding the faith of young people by often claiming, "You can't be sure you have the Bible in its original form." "The Bible developed lots of errors and mistakes while it was being transmitted over the centuries." "The existing manuscript copies of the Bible all differ with each other and have thousands of variant wordings." So... How do we know the Bible was transmitted accurately? How much manuscript evidence do we have for the Bible? How can we be sure we have the Bible as God intended? How do we know how the original Bible read? Is Mark 16:9-20 supposed to be in the Bible? Join Dr. Dave Miller in this nine-session program as he provides easy-to-understand answers to these technical questions.

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