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How to Use: Invitation Cards



What is an Invitation Card?
This card is the size of an ordinary business card with information on both sides. The cards are designed to be given to people who have access to view videos online. The person handing out the Invitation Card will be inviting the prospect to a website address where they may view evangelism and/or teaching videos for free.

How can the card be used?
The cards can be used in door knocking, visitor packets and many other ways. They can be given to family members, friends, coworkers or anyone who might be interested in viewing the materials. High school and college students can use them for evangelism or teaching on their campuses. If someone owns or operates a business they can display the cards for their customers to use.

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I just bought 500 Invitation Cards – “Where Do We Go When We Die?” to pass out and I just brought up this website ( to see what people will see and what a wonderful, WONDERFUL, presentation it truly is! And the companion videos which are also listed here are so appropriate. I am 73 and my wife and I have been troubled recently at how little we feel that we are doing to share God’s Truth – but now, we feel that we can do something very positive! Thank you ALL and may God Bless You All.
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