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This program is taught by and intended for women.
You may have heard the stories of Noah, Moses, Daniel, and Paul, but the names Korah, Ebed-Melech, and Demas may be unfamiliar to you. Have you read the thrilling accounts of the man who touched Elisha’s bones or the man who was born blind? Do you know who used old rags to perform a kind deed? The Scriptures are filled with accounts of little-known men with whom you may be unacquainted. Valuable lessons can be learned by studying the lives of these men even though they are mentioned only briefly in the Scriptures. Our lives can be enriched by looking at their examples. Open your Bibles and explore with us the lives of these Intriguing Men of the Bible. If you would like to continue your study of little-known men in the Bible, additional studies are available in the books, Unsung Heroes (And a Few Villains) and More Unsung Heroes (And a Few More Villains), published by Gospel Advocate Company, Nashville, Tennessee.

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