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Is Christianity truly different from other religions in the world? Are all religions equal and simply different ways to God? With religious tension on the rise, it is even more important to understand the difference between Christianity and other major…


7. Are Christianity and Islam Compatible? (Part 2)


In this second part of “Are Christianity and Islam Compatible?” Dave Miller, Ph.D., continues the discussion of several main differences between Islam and Christianity. In particular, he looks at the Quran’s teaching on polygamy and violence. Length: 24:34


6. Are Christianity and Islam Compatible? (Part 1)


The central clash between Christianity and Islam is the deity of Jesus Christ. Where the Quran teaches that Jesus is not the Son of God, the Bible teaches that He came to Earth to die for the sins of the… Length: 25:49


5. Is the Quran the Inspired Word of God? (Part 2)


Can we examine the books that claim to be of divine origin, including the Bible and the Quran, and determine if they possess the attributes of inspiration? In this lesson Dave Miller, Ph.D., makes the point that we can in… Length: 30:39


4. Is the Quran the Inspired Word of God? (Part 1)


How can one determine if a book is truly of divine origin? The Quran claims to be divinely inspired, but is it really direct revelation from God? In this lesson Dave Miller, Ph.D., examines the Muslim holy book, the Quran. Length: 30:13


2. Why do terrorists hate America?


Have you asked the question, “Why do radical Muslims hate America and more specifically Christians?” In this lesson Dave Miller, Ph.D., takes an in-depth look at this question to gain a better understanding of the Islamic religion. Length: 30:03


3. Who is Muhammad?


Who is Muhammad? How have his life and beliefs influenced Muslims throughout the centuries? In this lesson Dave Miller, Ph.D., takes an in-depth look at the life of Muhammad, the founder of the Islamic religion. Length: 29:58


1. What is Islam?


In recent polls, about 22% of the world’s population claim Islam as their religion, making it number two, behind Christianity. What is the Islamic religion? Who is Muhammad? What does it mean to be Muslim? In this first lesson Dave… Length: 28:27


Islam, the Quran, and Christianity


Will America become an Islamic Nation? Everything you would like to know about Islam. Who was Muhammad? What are Islam's central doctrines? Who are the Sunnis and Shi'ites? Why do Muslim terrorists hate America? Does the Quran possess the attritributes…


Islam, the Quran, and Christianity Promo


This short 3-minute video is a brief introduction to the DVD, "Islam, the Quran, and Christianity." The DVD contains 8 lessons covering approximately 4 hours of in-depth analysis and teaching about these major world religions. Length: 3:06