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The Silencing of God

Silencing of God Program

Take a trip back to the Withered Roots and vanishing values of America’s past. You will not believe your eyes and ears. America is in the throes of a full-scale Culture War. The Dismantling Of America’s Christian Heritage. Did the…


Solutions | The Silencing of God

The Silencing of God program issues a stirring plea to the nation to (1) return from the depths of moral depravity, (2) reclaim our Christian heritage, and (3) reaffirm biblical values in public life. Did the Founding Fathers reject expressions… Length: 52:04


National Architecture | The Silencing of God

America is fighting a full-scale Culture War, where the central issue is whether God, the Bible, and the Christian religion will continue to be the foundation of our values and morality. Follow along as the physical evidences for beliefs of… Length: 49:59


Withering Roots | The Silencing of God

We are living witnesses to the dismantling of America's Christian heritage. Since its beginning American culture has been friendly toward Christianity, but in the last 50 years forces of humanism, atheism, evolution, liberalism, pluralism, and political correctness have been aggressive… Length: 51:49


Political Documents | The Silencing of God

What did America's Founding Fathers have to say about the Christian religion and its role in the citizen's lives? Did they encourage or discourage the study of the Bible, in both public and private settings? Follow along, as you read… Length: 45:08


Public Education | The Silencing of God

Did the Founding Fathers advocate “separation of church and state"? Or, Intend for federal institutions to be religiously neutral? The modern public school system of the United States has removed the fundamental moral teachings that comprised a major portion of… Length: 40:14


America’s Most Pressing Concern (Program)

America's Most Pressing Concern Program

As America faces troubled times, instability and an uncertain future, the question to ponder is, "Will it be a more godly or less godly nation?" Some say the founding fathers were not really men of God and that they spoke…

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