World Video Bible School is excited to provide free access to our videos through the Amazon FireTV platform.

What is Amazon FireTV?
Amazon produces a streaming video device called FireTV that connects to TVs. These devices have access to on-demand channels from a variety of vendors, including World Video Bible School. By connecting one of these devices to your TV and also to your internet, you will have access to load the WVBS channel. Once the WVBS channel is loaded, you will have access to over 1,000 FREE videos.
Here are some simple steps for adding the WVBS channel on your Amazon FireTV device.
  1. Turn on your TV and Amazon FireTV device
  2. From the Home screen choose the Search icon, or use the microphone on your remote, to search for “WVBS” (you can also search “World Video Bible School”)
  3. Choose the option with the WVBS logo
  4. On the details screen you will need to choose”Get” to download the Free channel app.
  5. Once it downloads, open the app and enjoy!

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