Reaching out to the community should involve a variety of methods, both physical and electronic. To ignore methods in either one of these categories would be to miss great opportunities to reach people who only communicate in one or the other, and to miss opportunities for Christians whose talents may be more suited to one or the other.
In considering the success of physical door knocking through the years, being able to replicate that process in an online means will allow a greater reach for your congregation’s evangelistic efforts.

The following is one method to make use of excellent evangelism video resources through one of the most widely used search engines–YouTube.

Virtual Door Knocking: Using Youtube Ads

  1. Setup a Google Ads account: It is free to setup an account. Advertising campaigns are budget-based with no setup fees or minimums.
  2. We are going to provide instructions for using Google Ads to advertise a video through the YouTube platform and direct interested traffic to the congregation’s website.
  3. Create a Campaign:
    • Choose Video Campaign: Find a YouTube based video as the ad content. It can be your own, or you can use any of the over 2,000 WVBS videos available. Doesn’t have to be short, in fact longer means there is more potential for teaching. Below are several evangelistic videos prepared to use in ads:
      • Why Are There So Many Churches? –
      • What Must I Do to Be Saved? –
      • Where Do We Go When We Die? –
    • Choose where you want to direct interested visitors…website page specifically. Have them take the fewest possible steps to engage with you. Correspondence request page would be great.
    • Choose keywords that are based on the video topic selected, and filtered to the searcher.
    • Choose geographic target: radius-based is the easiest, but you can also select political boundaries, state boundaries, countries, or even worldwide.
    • Choose budget: how much to spend per day. You are charged when a viewer watches past 30 seconds. Typical costs are between $0.05 and $0.10 per view in US, while overseas can be $0.01 per view.