4. The Prophets | Journey through the Old Testament


The grand finale of the Old Testament are the last seventeen books. These books deal with the prophets, men spoke through God to the people. Join Johnny Ramsey in this video as he presents a lesson about these Bible books. Length: 1:12:45


3. Poetry | Journey through the Old Testament


The Bible books of Job through Song of Solomon are called the Books of Poetry. Through these books, we can learn many applicable ways to live a happy life by serving God. Join Johnny Ramsey in this video lesson as… Length: 37:46


2. History | Journey through the Old Testament


The Bible’s Books of History recount the history of the nation of Israel. From the Israelites conquering of the land of Canaan to their Babylonian captivity, these books provide an accurate historical account of our Christian heritage. Join Johnny Ramsey… Length: 40:56


9. First John | Journey through the New Testament


The Bible book of First John talks much about how we can have confidence in Christ. If we walk in Christ’s teaching and pattern our lives after Him, we can have assurance that we will reach our eternal reward of… Length: 37:55


7. James | Journey through the New Testament


The most practical book on Christian living in all of the Bible is the book of James. In this book, we learn about daily Christian living and how to be pleasing to God. Join Johnny Ramsey as he takes an… Length: 39:39


6. Revelation | Journey through the New Testament


The last of the Bible, Revelation, is one of the most misunderstood and misapplied books of the Bible. It is a book filled with imagery and was addressed to a specific group of people. Join Johnny Ramsey in this video… Length: 39:20


5. Hebrews | Journey through the New Testament


The pivotal book in understanding the entire Bible is the book of Hebrews. The book of Hebrews is the hub in tying all 66 Bible books together. Join Johnny Ramsey as he delves into the Word of God and presents… Length: 37:02


4. Romans | Journey through the New Testament


The book of Romans can be thought of as the deepest treatise given in the spiritual realms. It was written to the church at Rome and urged them to be of one mind with brotherly love. In this video lesson,… Length: 39:40


3. Acts | Journey through the New Testament


In the book of Acts, we read about the establishment and growth of the New Testament church. The Christians were excited and happy to spread the Good News and we read of these many accounts. Join Johnny Ramsey as he… Length: 42:37


1. Survey | Journey through the New Testament


The New Testament is made up of 27 texts and can be broken up into four main parts: the life of Christ, the establishment of the Church, how to become and live as a Christian, and the hope of eternal… Length: 38:08


The Joy of Christianity | Sermon by Johnny Ramsey


The "Joy of Christianity," is one of the major themes of the New Testament. The Apostle Paul wrote often about the joy of being a Christian, and we find that joy is especially underscored in the book of Philippians. Follow… Length: 35:39